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Design (CTE)
What is CTE (Career and Technical Education)?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a collection of high school programs that prepare students for life-long success, it is also an integral part of the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP)  Students receive a college-prep education as well as technical skills that allow them to graduate from high school with more than a high school diploma.

Students can then choose from the following CTE Programs:  
  • Digital Media I, II and III
  • Entrepreneurship I and II
  • Web Design I and II
  • Chicago Police and Firefighter's Training Academy.  CPFTA meets outside of school and school hours.  See the description below for more information.​​​​​​​

Digital Media I
Grades:10, 11, 12 
Prerequisite:  Exploring Computer Science

This is the first course in a three-year sequence of Digital Media classes.  In this course you will identify the basic principles of graphic design.  You will acquire an understanding of high-resolution images and be able to differentiate between a raster and a vector image.  Additionally you will explore appropriate uses of typography, additive and subtractive color and will embark upon career exploration for the graphics industry.

Digital Media II
Grades:11, 12 
Prerequisite:  Digital Media I

This is the second course in a three year sequence of Digital Media classes.  During the second year you will become proficient in Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator.  Applying basic principles of design, you will create live traced images; images for heat press and build basic animations.  You will apply filters, color correction, masking, clipping mask and blending modes.  As the course progresses, you will animate graphics in 2-D and 3-D.

Digital Media III
Grades:11, 12 
Prerequisite:  Digital Media II

This is the third course in a three-year sequence of Digital Media classes.  You will demonstrate increased proficiency in multimedia skills and the application of design principles.   At this level you will plan and develop a website, movie, and DVD through the import and manipulation of different file formats.  You will take the Adobe certification exams at this level. 

Web Design I
Grades:11, 12 
Prerequisite:  Exploring Computer Science

This course is the first of two Web Design classes that provides students with the opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to create professional web sites.  First year students will learn to create a website portfolio using HTML and CSS.  Adobe Photoshop will be used for images that will be included in the website.  During the last part of the first year course students will begin using Adobe Creative Suite  6 Dreamweaver.  Students will learn the fundamentals of design and web site creation, including site design and mapping.  This course will begin to prepare students for entry level positions in web design and creation.  Students will begin to be prepared to take the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Certification Exam at the end of the Web Design II.

Web Design II
Grades:11, 12 
Prerequisite:  Web Design I

This course is the second of the two Web Design classes that provide students with the opportunity to prepare for the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Certification Exam.  Students will refine their personal professional portfolios using Dreamweaver.  They will also learn the basics of Adobe Flash and will refine their skills in Adobe Photoshop.  At the end of the course students will take the Adobe certification exam.

Entrepreneurship I
Grades:11, 12 
Prerequisite: Exploring Computer Science

Students dive into the fascinating world of becoming their own boss by create an idea, designing a business, completing a business plan,  and have the opportunity to compete in the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) city and nationwide Entrepreneurship competitions to win seed money to start their business!  In addition, students will learn the core foundation of Business

Entrepreneurship II
Grades:11, 12 
Prerequisite:  Entrepreneurship I
In the second year of study within Entrepreneurship students will use platform, edx.org to further your understanding of Entrepreneurship and Business Management.  Edx.org was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012 and is an online destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.  Such institutions are Harvard University, Berkeley University, MIT and the University of Texas System.  Topics that will be covered are: Entrepreneurship: Do Your Venture, Marketing, Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Introduction to Accounting.

In addition, students will work toward the certification of Wise Financial Literacy.  Wise Financial Literacy is groundbreaking innovation of financial education for high school students. 

CPFTA I (Chicago Police and Firefighter's Training Academy)
See Mr. Glowacz for more information

As an 11th grade cade you are introduced to basic law enforcement, public safety and fire science with an emphasis in urban policing and urban firefighting.

CPFTA II (Chicago Police and Firefighter's Training Academy)
See Mr. Glowacz for more information

As a 12th grade cadet you learn about topics such as infections disease control, high-rise firefighting, arson investigations, flashovers, back draft fires, fire tetrahedron and effects of fire on various structures, and final physical training test.  You will also apply to learn about pre-hospital emergency medical care, ambulance service and all aspects of being an Emergency Medical Technician, along with certification.

IBCP Related Courses

Information Technology in a Global Society IB  (ITGS)
Grades 11, 12
Students enrolled in the IB Programme, IBCP, or IB Certificate students
The Diploma Program Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS)  course is the study and evaluation of the impact of information technology on individuals and society. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the use of digitized information at the local and global level. ITGS provides a framework for the student to make informed judgments and decisions about the use of information technology (IT) within social contexts. ITGS students complete a project based on a real world problem working with a real world client during the 1st semester.  Intensive study of information technology vocabulary and various uses of information technology are covered during the 2nd semester as well as preparation for the IB ITGS exam.

IB Business Management
Grades 11, 12
Students enrolled in the IB Programme, IBCP, or IB Certificate students

Business management studies business functions, management processes and decision-making in contemporary contexts of strategic uncertainty. It examines how business decisions are influenced by factors internal and external to an organization, and how these decisions impact upon its stakeholders, both internally and externally. Business management also explores how individuals and groups interact within an organization, how they may be successfully managed and how they can ethically optimize the use of resources in a world with increasing scarcity and concern for sustainability. 

Personal and Professional Skills (IBCP - International Baccalaureate Career Programme )
Grades 11 and 12
Prerequisite:  Enrollment in the IBCP

IBCP Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) challenges students in the areas of thinking, intercultural understanding, communication and personal development.  Students will develop good intellectual habits, practical problem-solving skills, thinking skills, self-awareness of individual strengths and limitations, intercultural awareness, communication skills and personal and interpersonal skills for the workplace and life in general.  Students will be required to produce a Reflective Project that investigates and focuses on an ethical dilemma of an issue arising from the student’s career/vocational studies.  Students are required to complete 50 hours of Community and Service over the course of 2 years in the PPS course.  Students also will maintain a language portfolio over the course of 2 years in the PPS course.

IBCP students will take one CTE sequence of courses and will earn certificates that are industry recognized in those classes.  IBCP students have a specific program of study that they follow.  For questions about the IBCP and CTE please e-mail Lauren Zucchero - lzucchero@cps.edu (IBCP Coordinator).  

For more information about CTE visit Choose Your Future chooseyourfuture.org

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