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 Seniors: This is crunch time. Complete all your graduation requirements which include service learning, Naviance tasks, and finishing any online classes you may be completing. Also, SEQ needs to be completed along with evidence uploaded to your Naviance account about your plans after graduation. There is a Summer Transition Tracker Survey that also needs to be completed prior to receiving your diploma. Instructions for that will be sent in an email at the beginning of June.

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   Parents and Students!
Have you Navianced yet? Brand new to CPS, the Naviance program has been used by schools across the country to help students plan their academic, college and career life. Although counselors and teachers will be working with students on ways to use Naviance, we encourage parents to visit the site with their child and make it a part of the family discussion. Simply go to cps.edu/naviance and start exploring. Tasks for your child to complete are on the top of the page shaded in blue. Start Naviancing today! (tasks are also on attachment below, under Individual Learning Plan Tasks, if you can add that to the email, website, FB and Twitter?)
               *Check the Financial Aid page for information on FAFSA 2018*

Check out the College Handbook
A tool for students and parents to help navigate the college selection process.
attached below

register for the SAT at College Board.org
Test Date                   Registration                Late Registration

09MAR                              08FEB                                     27FEB
04MAY                              05APR                                     24APR
01JUN                              03MAY                                      22MAY

 The following are organizations that offer tuition based test preparation courses that are often beneficial in raising students' scores.

Academic Approach
342 W. Armitage      
Chicago, IL 60614   

Academic Tutoring Centers
Park Ridge - 847-823-5300

Sylvan Learning Center
6183 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659

Huntington Learning Center
Park Ridge - 847-825-0691


Princeton Review
Park Ridge; Maine Park Leisure Center


Reading Tree

Oxford Learning

ACT-SAT Tutors

Below seniors will find a form which they are to fill out and give to their counselor before requesting a recommendation.

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