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Visual Arts
Check out the work of amazing Taft student artists in community spaces, galleries and museums
  • IHSAE Senior Scholarship exhibition 2019

    BRIDGEPORT, CHICAGO, Sunday, February 24, 2019 — The best student artists from approximately 125+ Illinois high schools will converge to showcase their art and vie for more than $67,600,000 in college scholarships offered at the 6th Annual Illinois High School Art Exhibition (IHSAE). Alexandra Kulikowski, Christina Erickson, Goda Kurpalis, Katarzyna Wodzisz, Monika Walewender, Christina Erickson, Nayelli Enriquez, Viktor Podufalyy from Willam Howard Taft High School have been selected to showcase artwork at the exhibit and qualified to earn one of the available college scholarships. The total senior scholarship amount for Willam Howard Taft High School is $819,836. The shows runs from Monday, February 11th through Friday, March 8th at the Zhou B Art Center and Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.
    Some 4,000 students, teachers, parents, college representatives, school district administrators, and guests are expected to attend the state’s largest high school student art exhibition that is also widely considered the gold standard amongst high school student art exhibitions nationwide.
    A public opening will be hosted on Sunday, February 24th, 2019 from 10am-6pm at the Zhou B and Bridgeport Art Centers. The IHSAE features several unique programs for high school art students and K-12 Art Educators throughout the year. The first of many events is the IHSAE’s General Exhibition; a “Best of the Best” Show featuring over 800 works of art, in 8 distinct categories, from Illinois suburban, public and private high schools along with a Vendor & Career Expo. Both of these events will be held at the Zhou B. Art Center. This year, The Bridgeport Art Center is home to the IHSAE’s signature events: the awards ceremonies, early college scholarship announcements, college recruitment fair and senior scholarship announcements. The Senior Scholarship Exhibition will exhibit some 532 senior artworks and recognize scholarship offers totaling over $67.6 million dollars. IHSAE has partnered with more than 40 art schools, colleges and universities from across the nation; most of which, will be on hand to meet with students and parents at the College Recruitment Fair, running from 10am-2pm.

    “Started in 2013, the IHSAE is 100% powered by teacher volunteers and has grown out of the passion they bring to making a difference for students, and has since facilitated $192-million in tuition scholarships cumulatively for more than 1,500 students. The IHSAE advocates those extra efforts with exhibitions and other incentives for creative exploration and connections to innovative careers” said Chris Sykora, co-creator of IHSAE.

  • IHSAE General Exhibition 2019

    Congrats to the Taft featured artists:
    Catherine Gruszka, Danielle O'Brien, Patricia Hamoy, Ryan McKenna, Savannah Melton
    The General Exhibition is one of Illinois’ premier high school art exhibitions featuring student visual artworks from some of the top city, suburban, public and private high schools. The General Exhibition is a “Best of the Best” competition, developed by teachers, to recognize high school students’ artistic excellence.

    Each year, over 100 high schools register to participate in the General Exhibition in Chicago. High schools digitally submit up to 25 artworks into 8 categories: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Design, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, and Time Arts via SlideRoom, an online visual slide review platform.

    The IHSAE receives well over 2500 submissions for consideration for the General Exhibition. All entries are curated by the IHSAE Board of Directors and guest jurors, who select works by over 500 student artists for exhibition. Students have an opportunity to compete against their peers for over $15,000 in IHSAE awards and scholarships, including the IHSAE Visionary Award. Students also have an opportunity to receive Early College/Summer Intensive scholarships offered by representatives from select art schools, colleges and universities across the country.

  • Student exhibition at Perkolator cafe

    Participating artists:

    Emily Landicho

    Angelina Arguelles

    Marelyn Berumen

    Manam Alhaj

    ​​​​​​​Olivia Malyszko

    Isabella Delgado

    Leilani Rivera

    Emely Rosa

    Alyssa Yenco

    Patricia Hamoy

    Leila Saccone

    Phi Vo

    Ceci Camacho

    Leila Saccone

    Alejandra Soberanis

    Sean Powers

    Annalisa Lazzara

    Michael Szewczyk

    Noelle Flores

    Anna Klejn

    Amelia Dolly

    Danna Molleda

    Teegan Sambell

    Lily Natelson

    Tiffany Vlad

    Emely Rosa

    Anna Debski

    Josh Schmidt

    Chris Domkoski

    Julisa Rivera

    Marelyn Berumen

    Nika Gryszkiewicz

    Ellis Wax-Groot

    Katie Bokor

    Olga Makklay

    Nayelli Enriquez

    Kasia Wodzisz

    Sydney Meyer

    Jessica Smith

    Katia Palomino

    Khaled Hamad

    Diego Bergollo

    Anna Klein

    Patricia Hamoy

    Sara Johnson

    Victoria Relgado

    Mya Shannon

    Maggie Payne

    Ashley Amaya

    Isabella Galvin

    Alyssa Argent

    Matthew Jerome

    Pauline Frendreiss

    David Wrybraniec

    Engi Perez

    Cecilia Brasseur

    Brandon Padilla

    Amelia Dolly

    Truc-May Tinh

    Amelia Wryk

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