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Safety & Security
Everyone at Taft (staff and students) is responsible for the safety and security of our school community. We ask staff to make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked when they leave a room at the end of the day. We also require that neither staff nor students open exterior doors for people they do not know and that they avoid propping open exterior doors and leaving them unattended. 

Our general protocol for visitors entering the building requires that they enter through the Main Entrance. After 8:30 AM, they have to be buzzed in first. They must stop at the security desk, show a photo ID and sign in. They are then provided with a visitor’s pass. If they have come to pick up a student early, we first look up the student’s record and verify that the individual is authorized to take the student out of school. 

Students are required to show their Taft identification as they walk in. Those without IDs must purchase temporary IDs as students are required to have their IDs with them at all times.

On unannounced dates, students are randomly identified and screened with metal detection equipment as they enter the building. We also have protocols and training for staff on working with students who have chronic physical conditions, intervening when a student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or potentially suicidal or homicidal, addressing bullying situations, referring students for mental health and/or behavior supports, and reporting abuse.

The CPS Student Code of Conduct outlines expected student behavior and guidelines for staff when addressing inappropriate behavior. Discipline utilizes instructive, corrective and restorative practices that try to address the root cause of students’ behavior in order to prevent misbehavior from re-occurring. Staff communicate with one another regarding individual students via a real-time database so that all of a student’s teachers/coaches are aware of how the student is doing.

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