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Ribbon Placement Checker: http://kepler.pratt.duke.edu/NJROTC/NJROTC.html

Cadets are required to wear uniforms to school and the uniform varies each day.

The general weekly schedule is:

Mondays -             Blue NJROTC Polo

Tuesdays -       Taft High School Dress Code

Wednesdays - Taft High School Dress Code

Thursdays -      Navy Service Uniform

Fridays -           Physical Training Gear

The purpose of wearing uniforms is to teach cadets proper grooming and allows Cadets to stand out from the crowd. This is a public display of discipline, character, and individuality.

NJROTC Naval Service Uniform/NJROTC Service Dress Blue Uniform  (Thurs.)

Depending on the cadet's rank, they are to wear either the Naval Service Uniform (Photo 1) or the Service Dress Blue Uniform (Photo 2 or 3) on Thursdays.

Physical Training Uniform (Fri.)

Yellow Navy T-Shirt, Navy Blue Shorts.

Old School PT Swish Pants and Jacket.

New Blue Joggers and Blue Jacket.  

Polo Uniform (Mon.)

Blue NJROTC polo (wear as instructed)

  • Taft NJROTC Polo shirt and pants in accordance with Taft High School dress code.

Uniform Wear and Grading Policy & Information

Ribbon Checker Link  

Cleaning and Pressing: All uniforms will be kept cleaned and pressed at all times. “My uniform is in the cleaners”, is not an accepted excuse for not wearing the uniform on prescribed uniform days. Always have your uniform ready! We are trying to teach responsibility and self-discipline.

Cadets are required to wear their NJROTC Uniform once a week on the designated uniform day.  Normally this will be Thursday. Cadets should always check the Plan of the Week to know for certain the day they are required to wear their uniform for the week. When in doubt wear the uniform on the day you are required to wear it! Cadets need to wear their uniform for the whole school day. If you are on a sports team/club and are required to wear gear the day before a game, for example, consult with your ROTC instructor for clear instruction.

Proper uniform wear is graded! Cadets are graded on how they have placed insignia, the cleanliness of the uniform, that they have all proper uniform items, as well as on their grooming standards.  Along with the Uniform inspection these other areas are also part of the grading, Drill, Bearing, Aptitude, and General Knowledge from the Cadet Field Manual and Chain of Command. The standards that are graded are given to each Cadet in their Cadet Reference Manual and have been explained in class. If you are a new cadet there will be a class regarding how to shine your shoes.

Grading Policy:  

Failure to wear the uniform on uniform day (excused or unexcused):  If a Cadet fails to wear their uniform on the designated uniform day (unexcused), they can wear it on the next academic day (not on a Physical Training day) and receive a normal grade if their instructor allows it.  If they fail to wear their uniform on the designated uniform day, and also fail to wear their uniform on the next academic day they will receive a grade of 0 (zero) for that week's uniform grade.

If a Cadet fails to wear the uniform and are excused it will not affect your grade. In order to be excused you must have a VALID reason for doing so.

Please take the time to read these grading policies.  They are briefed in class.

"Wear the uniform once each week according to the schedule published in the Plan of the Week”.

"The Uniform recruits for us, it shows pride in what you do."

Failure to wear the uniform will result in a uniform grade of zero.

New Female Hair grooming standards Link

Highlights of the changes and guidelines include:

- Hairstyles must allow for the proper fit of cover

- When in uniform, hair may touch, but not fall below a horizontal line level with the lower edge of the back of the collar. With service dress jumper uniforms, hair may extend a maximum of 1 1/2 inches below the top of the jumper collar.

- Layered hairstyles are authorized, provided that the layers present a smooth graduated appearance. No portion of the bulk of the hair (except the bun) as measured from the scalp will exceed 2 inches.

- The bulk of the bun shall not exceed 3 inches from scalp. The diameter of the bun will not exceed 4 inches. Loose ends must be tucked-in and secured. Buns must not protrude through the opening in the back of a ball cap.

- Angled hairstyles may not exceed 1 1/2 inches difference in length from front to back.

- All hairstyles must minimize scalp exposure.

- Two strand braids (a type of twist) are authorized. Braided hairstyles shall be conservative and conform to the grooming standard guidelines.

- No bright colored hair (i.e hot pink)

This is the link for ALL HANDS and Navy Regs:



Hair Guidance: from the Cadet Field Manual: Neat, clean, trimmed and present a well-groomed appearance. Above the ears and around the neck: must be tapered upwards 3/4 inch and outwards not greater than 3/4-inch. Must not touch the collar. No longer than 3 inches and the bulk shall not exceed 2 inches. (In no case shall the bulk or length of hair interfere with the proper wearing of the cap. Bulk is defined as the distance that the mass of the hair protrudes from the scalp as indicated by the line in the drawing on the next page). One narrow part in the hair is authorized. This may be cut, clipped, or shaved. Plaited or braided hair is unauthorized. Hair may not show under the front brim of any uniform cap. Below are examples of male haircuts which conform to NJROTC regulations.

Note: Ethnic hairstyles are permitted provided they are groomed to fit within the guidelines stated above. Bizarre hairstyles and faddish or outrageous multicolor hair are unauthorized.

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Sideburns: Neatly trimmed and tailored as described above. Shall not extend below a point level with the middle of the ear, as indicated by line “A”, and shall be of even width (not flared). Shall end with a clean-shaven horizontal line.

Things you will need: Black calf high socks, White Crew Neck T shirt, and Shirt, for male NSU (all issued by unit), Black Shoe Polish (Kiwi) & boot polish brush kit

Mustaches or beards: Cadets are not allowed to have either mustaches or beards unless they conform to the NJROTC Grooming Standards.

Fingernails: Will not extend past the fingertips. Nail polish color shall complement skin tone/no shine (nude color)

Earrings/Studs: Not authorized for male cadets. Female cadets ranked as a Chief  may wear a small gold ball, one per ear, and centered on the earlobe. Female cadets ranked lower than a Chief must wear a silver ball with the same requirements. Nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip, or any other body visible piercings are prohibited.

Necklaces: Approved for wear on a case-by-case basis by the Senior Naval Science Instructor. Necklaces must not be visible under the uniform and are usually authorized for religious purposes.

Rings: One per hand is authorized but not worn on uniform inspection day.

Wristwatch/Bracelet: Bracelets are not worn on uniform inspection day unless they are authorized by an instructor for religious purposes or sentimental value.

Sunglasses: A conservative pair is permitted when authorized by the naval science instructor. Sunglasses are never authorized in military formations. Retainer glasses straps are not authorized.


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