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Madden, Mark
M. Madden is a professional educator with a Masters in Administration. During his experience in the field of education, he has collaboratively helped numerous city and suburban schools at all levels develop the athletic department in all designated areas stressing improvements in academics and athletics.

Madden was a middle school Athletic Director for the past six years at Luther Burbank School. Madden has coached Division III collegiate baseball, and currently is entitled as the assistant varsity boys baseball coach, along with the assistant varsity girls basketball coach at William Howard Taft High School, which is the premier neighborhood school with a supportive community who continually strives for excellence.

Madden has coached boys' basketball at Ridgewood and Niles North High School, while coaching baseball at Ridgewood and Walter Payton High School. Madden has played baseball at the collegiate level and tried out for the Arizona Diamondbacks on a personal invite.

One of his philosophies and responsibilities as an educator and a coach is to promote the notion of sport science and physiology, along with year round commitment to athletics and academics in the sport specified content area. This has proven the concept of continual improvement and success at the high school and collegiate levels.

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